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E.Shahin for Pastry is a leading company, established in Douma – Lebanon in 1910, to produce, export, and import Tahina, Halawa, Raha, roasted sesame seeds, and chocolate spread. Since its establishment, the company has been keen to keep pace with development and maintain originality, especially with its renowned Tahina, a natural sesame-based paste that contains basic nutrients, such as Protein, Carbohydrate, Calcium, Fiber, and others, and is famously used to make dressings, Hommos, and Baba Ghanoug. Also, Tahina constitutes the main ingredient for the different kinds of Halawa, namely the plain, pistachio, nuts, or chocolate Halawa.

E.Shahin for Pastry has been constantly seeking, through its senior management, to found a well-established position in the local market, and has managed to achieve and maintain such position thanks to its high quality products that satisfy the customers' needs and expectations, and comply with all applicable regulatory requirements. Furthermore, the company never ceased to aim at increasing the effectiveness of its works, maintaining its high quality standards, and achieving its vision, all within a healthy and safe working environment, where the abilities and skills of the staff are well-appreciated and continuously developed through effective periodic trainings.

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